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The Lost Airship

As the story goes...In the year 1887, agents of the Starburner Galactic Courier Service were contracted to travel to the future to take possession of an object which would play an important role in a galaxy far, far away in a time long ago. Their task would take them to a warehouse in the year 2019 where they were to secure, service and maintain the object and then return it to the year 1887. To complete their task, the Starburners brought a crack team of technicians and mechanics, security officers and two of their most skilled pilots. Upon their arrival they made an astonishing discovery. The object was, in fact, a craft they themselves had built in 1883 as commissioned by a mysterious time traveler from 1973. The craft, known as the Cornu-Chi (pronounced kor-new ki), was the precursor to the ships that would free the galaxy. Upon its completion, the craft had been released to the one who commissioned it along with all the relevant documentation. It then dropped out of sight for many decades, its whereabouts unknown...until now.

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