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Starburner Agents - Western Division

Agents Inducted March 23, 2014

Condor XXI

Presiding Agent - Litobius Quick



Agent No. 25
Aisling Conn O'Neill aka Kelly A. Varner

Induction Date: March 23, 2014

​Dept. Time Tailor



When told she grew out of the ground like a flower, Kelly's big sister promptly argued that Kelly actually grew in the dirt like a potato,  so it's no wonder that this short, fiesty, Irish lass loves the lowly potato in its myriad forms.


Born Kelly Annette Varner, six weeks late in a mid-western Army hospital, she eschews all schedules, timelines and discipline. A child of madness and the 80's, she loves the fuzzy, the sublime, and the brilliant. By day she's a marketing maven and social media diva. By night she writes and photographs her super powers across the galaxy.


Two parts genuis, one part annoying, 42 parts fun, and 55 parts a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, Kelly is a game lass who uses words and images as both weapons and healers (often simultaneously). She might be crazy but never let's that stop her from whatever she sets out to accomplish.


Kelly loves cats.

Photo: Justin Andrew Hoke

Agent No. 26
Ian Badgerton aka Murray Willett

Induction Date: March 23, 2014

​Dept. Chief Culinologist


An eclectic blend of passions make Murray a true Jack of All Trades, Master of none. When not stemapunking, he spends his free time as an active duty sailor.  He lives in San Diego with his wife and two crazy cats.

Agent No. 27
Camille Leon aka Amanda Winter
Induction Date: March 23, 2014
Dept. Outfitter, Make-up, Prosthetics, Disguises

Amanda Winter is a woman of many talents.

She works as a stage and theatre technician for San Diego County and has collaborated with places such a the Old Globe, The Civic Center, The Sports Arena and the San Diego Convention Center.

On the side, she styles wigs upon commission, makes costumes and props and is a beauty and sfx make up artist.

Amanda also models, acts, screenwrites, and directs.

She also works as various characters and performs at renaissance festivals and other such events. Sometimes she is found donning full plate armor and doing fighting demos, and other times she can be found belly dancing or acting as the storyteller for other shows.

Additionally she does fire spinning, character performances at kid's birthday parties, beginner stone work at a lapidary society, volunteers at local haunted houses and represents various characters at conventions such as ComicCon and Gaming cons.

Agent No. 28
Professor Robert van Alt aka Randy Burks

Induction Date: March 23, 2014

​Dept. Entemologist, Explorer


Collector of movie and TV props and wardrobe. Involved in science fiction costuming, WWII re-enacting for over 30 years.


Avid fan of Stargate, Star Trek and Starwars. Participated in related cons, studio tours and acted as support and escort for SG cast at some of these events.


Co-founder of Gaslight Gathering. Chair of vendor room and assisted with maker room (2011-2013). Also served on Condor Staff in media room. 


Currently involved in Western reenactments with the Hole-in-the-wall gang.


As a Starburner agent, Randy is eager to lend support anyway he can And, in fact, has always been there to help whenever and wherever needed.


Photo: House of Hutsell


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