2014 Starburner Awards - Eastern Division

Awarded at the 2014 Steampunk World's Fair, Piscataway, New Jersey

Presiding Agent - Heather E Bischoff, Agt. 3


Ribbon color for 2014 awards


Mark P. Donnelly

Proprietor, Canes Enable

Category: Education


Award winning author, historian, screenwriter, and producer - as well as internationally renowned swashbuckler and professor of historical swordsmanship.

Currently 18 books in print - all non-fiction - all historical.
Roughly 200 hours of broadcast television for Discovery, History Channel, PBS, BBC and National Geographic.


Photo: House of Hutsell

2014 Starburner Awards - Western Division

Awarded at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International, San Diego, California

Presiding Agent - Lithobius Quick, Agt. 1



Diana Given

Category: Event Organizer


Trip Hope

Category: Community Support & Promotion

photo by Diana Given


Cody Shoberg

Category: Community Support & Promotion


Linda Shoberg

Category: Community Support & Promotion


Poplock Holmes 

a.k.a. Jerrold Ridenour

Category: Music


Nathan Seekerman

Category: Gadgetry


Mercy Baron

Category: Journalism

photo by Marci Bretts


Yomi Ayeni

Category: Global Outreach



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