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San Diego Automotive Museum

San Diego Automotive Museum Presents…

Steampunk – the Automotive Museum’s version of the literary and artistic genre. The Museum

hascollaborated with local artists, Starburner Galactic Courier Service, to interpret this growing art

form through automotive design and technology. Several vehicles built in Steampunk style will be on

exhibit including a few of the Museum’s own vehicles modified in the Steampunk genre by our local

‘makers’. In addition, numerous art objects will be on view from clothing and everyday functional

pieces, to graphic art and the music of the genre. The artists come from San Diego, Los Angeles, and

San Francisco.

Steampunk is a genre which came into prominence during the 1980’s and early 1990’s and incorporates

elements of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, and alternate history. The settings are usually

related to steam power and reflect the trappings of the early industrial revolution era prior to the

implementation of electrical power. The term steampunk began as a tongue in cheek variant of


The Steampunk exhibit at the San Diego Automotive Museum is a clear step away from its traditional

programming. In keeping with its mission to illustrate the impact of the automobile on our society, this

exhibit expands the parameters and brings to life the impact that steam engines and steam technology

have affected the new culture known as Steampunk. For the first time ever, the museum is

incorporating clothing, gadgets, and gizmos that are not directly related to the automobile. The focus of

the exhibit is innovation, and non-traditional vehicles will be presented with classic examples of early

automotive engineering and design.

Steampunk will run from June 1 to September 30, 2012.


Starburner Galactic Courier Service (Kim & Linda Hutsell, Grady Keeton, Thomas Hale, Erin

Adler, Cameron Inglis)

Tungsten Wolf Production (Andrew Connolly, Matthew Wright, Jessica Jolly, Maria

Montserrat Medina and Erin A. Hyde)

David Farish (Skype Barnett, Clifford Hill and Dan Kirby)

Vince Mattina

Richard Wilks

Ramona Szczerba

Dan Benedict

Tom Sepe

Dan Jones

Alik Perakh

Alex Ferruzca

Brett Phelps

Kristen Carr

San Dieguito High School Academy (Elias Turner, Suki Berry, Alex Van Valkenberg,

Grant Thompson)

Maria Egger

Photographers: Jerry Abuan, Becca Henry & Scott London

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