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SGCS usually has a multitude of projects going at any given time.  Projects may include gadgets, costumes, vehicles, events planning, graphic and more.

Project: Cornu-Chi

The Cornu-Chi is another group build by the Starburner Agents.  This is a 20x22 foot victorian style x-wing fighter ship that will be unveiled on April 12th at Gaslight Gathering.

Once again Starburner Galactic Courier Service brings a unique experience to Gaslight Gathering.
This year the Couriers are tasked with guarding a one of a kind craft from both future and past. Convention attendees will have the opportunity to pilot the fully interactive "Cornu-Chi" ... a full size Victorian fighter style craft.


Project: ZCSI
Starburners Investigate

This year Starburner Agents build a Zeppelin Crash Site for Gaslight Gathering. 


Help Starburner Galactic Courier Service determine what brought down the Zeppelin. Who will have the best investigative skills?  


Project: Campaign Furniture

Officer's Grooming Kit [ circa 1860 ]


Designed and built by Kim Hutsell

This item was built as part  of an on-going project by various members of the Starburner team. The directive was to assemble a full complement of Civil War era campaign furniture for use and/or display at the various events. 

Project: Strato Sculpin​ ©


The Strato Sculpin© was a group project Built specifically for display at the San Diego Mini Maker Faire held in December of 2013.  As fate would have it, the forecast for that day included heavy rain. Thus, all outside displays were cancelled...including the Sculpin.  


The first showing of the Strato Sculpin© was a few months later at Drake & McTrowell's production, "Duel at Dusk"

Project: The Shrink Ray and Islands in the Steam from the Cabinet of Diminutive Curiosities


The Shrink Ray was a group project designed for the maker room at Gaslight Gathering III.  Keeping with the convention theme of Traveling the Seven Seas,  the exhibit was based on the idea that travellers should have the ability to "pluck" select pieces of real estate from the landscape they were flying over. The Shrink Ray aided the collector in shrinking the desired terrain for storage and transport on board the airship.

Ten individual artists were recruited to make fourteen "islands" for the exhibit along with a dozen artists/makers to build the Shrink Ray.


Project: "Duo Stupra"


A 1909 International Harvester supplied by and converted for the San Diego Automotive Museum's Steampunk Exhibit in Balboa Park. Co-produced by Starburner Galactic Courier Service, the museum's exhibit enjoyed record attendances. 

Project: Base Camp


Base camp for Journey to the Center of the Earth! Originally created for the the maker room at Gaslight Gathering II, this exhibit was also later displayed at the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park where Starburner co-produced their Steampunk Exhibit which had record-breaking attendance. Elements of the Base Camp were also displayed in the Public Library at the Scottsdale Cultural Art Center, Arizona

Project: An Airship Mythology


Created for the maker room at the inaugural Gaslight Gathering.

Photo: Jerry Abuan


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