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Starburner Agents - Eastern Division

Presiding Agent - Heather E. Bischoff, Agt. #3


Agent No. 16
Professor Adam Smasher aka John E. Callahan III

Induction: Geek Creation Show, November 17, 2013 (New Jersey)

​Dept. Melodic Channeling


Photo: CCR Pictures

Starburner Agents - Western Division

Heritage Park, Old Town, San Diego November 17, 2013

Presiding Agent - Lithobius Quick, Agt. #1


Agent No. 17
Freya Cogstaad aka Michelle Peoples

aka Stitch Trickery

Induction Date: November 17, 2013

​Dept. Outfitter


Michelle Peoples is an accomplished costumer and expert seamstress. She has been sewing non-stop since high school.  Her work can be seen gracing the bipedal forms of many a local Steampunk and does accept custom commissions.

Agent No. 18
Aeron Sinjin-Springs aka Aaron St. John

Induction Date: November 17, 2013

​Dept. Illustroglyphics and Graphic Iconographies 


Aaron is an artist and illustrator. As a painter, he is strongly influenced by several schools of 19th Century art, particularly the Nturalist Movement, as well as the 20th Century California Impressionist school. Aaron has shown and won awards at numerous juried and invitational shows nationwide and he has had one-artist exhibitions at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, Maryland and at Mission San Juan Capistrano. His work has been featured in American Artist, Art of the West, U.S. Art, Western Horsemen and Country Collectibles magazines.


Aaron is an Artist Member of the California Art Club, has shown in many CAC Gold Medal Exhibitions, the Spring and Autumn Salons, at the Old Mill Gallery in San Marino and co-founded the San Diego Chapter in 1998 with his wife, Cathy Springs (the first in the club's history).


As Chairman, he served on the Advisory Board of the CAC and curated six juried Chapter exhibitions and presided over the Chapter's Maurice Braun Memorial Plein Air Painting Festivals in 2000 and 2002.

Aaron teaches privately and has taught at the La Jolla Atheneum in La Jolla, California. He is also a visiting Professional Expert with the Gifted and Talented Education Program of the San Diego City Schools, teaching traditional drawing and design concepts to children countrywide.


Aaron holds a BA in Illustration form the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In addition he has also studied at UCLA, the California Art Institute, and privately with Dan Gerhartz, Steve Huston, Dan McCaw, Ray Vinella and Daniel Green.


He practices sub-tropical orchardism and love and peace with his wife at his home base of the Hanging Gardens of Machu PQ.


Aaron is one of the many who feels he had the soul of a steampunk long before there was an official term for it, having grown up severely impacted by Westerns, Science Fiction and comic books and having an abiding interest in Art, History and Victoriana.


As a Starburner Agent, Aeron works out of the Department of Illustroglyphics and Graphic Iconographies. As Senior Certified Kinaesthetic Envisioneer, Aeron employs his skills in grand tableau cognition, non-linear associative comprehension, functional aestheticism and sequencial graphic iconography on the Starburner Graphic Novel, currently in production, and any other appropriate project.


Special Cultural Envoy to the Japans.

Agent No. 21 (Honorary)
"Jester" aka Jeremy Hutsell
Induction Date: April 21, 1972
Dept. Planet Management

Jeremy is a Master bicycle mechanic at Capp's Bike Shop in Topeka, Kansas and an accomplished photographer, especially with natural history subjects. He participated in many expeditions into Baja California, Mexico and the Sea of Cortez where his perception of natural habitats and hunting skills were unsurpassed.


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