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Starburner Agents - Western Division

San Diego Comic Con International, San Diego July 20, 2013

Presiding Agent - Lithobius Quick, Agt. 1


Agent No. 12
Mathius Taffata Boulton aka Daniel Bissonnette

​Dept. Engineering

​Dept. Verden Witch crew

​Starburner Business Manager, Live steam


Mathias T. Boulton is rumored to be a relative of Mathew Boulton the industrialist and manufacturer who established the steam engine industry in the 1700's in England. Currently he operates and maintains 6 steam engines of his own and is working on a seventh. In Service to the SGCS he works behind the scenes and is thought to manage a part of the business operations of the Service. 


Boulton travels on the business of the SGCS extensively, delivering messages for the SGCS to what ever time, place or dimension he is called on to attend to. His network of international/dimensional connections are thought to include beings from all four major dimensions and 5 minor. Complex delivery and dimensionality situations are his specialty. 


His age uncertain due to his dimensional travel, Mathis can blend in with any age group, social circle or professional agency, deliver and be back to the SGCS in minimal time and quiet stealth. 


Photo: Jerry Abuan

Agent No. 13
Professor L.o.r.e. aka Paul H. Bailey

(Lucien Octavius Reuben Elesander)

Induction Date: July 20, 2013

​Dept. Clandestine Liaison


Paul Bailey is an avid reader and creative writer and has always had an affinity for science fiction and high fantasy. Having inherited his father's talent for the literary arts at a young age, he received excellent guidance from numerous teachers in his life (both formally and informally) and refined his style and technique over time.


Having worked in various projects and attending social events with the Starburners, he was later inducted into their ranks as their head writer, along with his persona 'Professor Lore'. His character evolved considerably from initial concept to final form, serving as the agents' 'Clandestine Liasion Officer' in the fictional world of the Starburner Galactic Courier Service.

Photo: Jerry Abuan


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