2010 Starburner Awards - Western Division

Awarded at the 2010 Steampunk Meetup at San Diego Comic Con International, July 24

Presiding Agent - Lithobius Quick, Agt. 1

Ribbon color for 2010 awards


Andrew Fogel

aka - Baron Andrew Von Fogel

Award Category: Filmmaking and webisodes

- Featuring the League of S.T.E.A.M.


Greg Broadmore

aka Doctor Grordbort

Award Category: Rayguns, Prop and Set Design

- WETA Workshp

Eric Chamberlin

aka - Professor Greyshade

Award Category: Monthy Steampunk Theme Venue




Cindy Piselli

aka - Emmaline Pierpont

Award Category: Continuous Promotion and Community Support


Michael Pao

​aka - Captain Wong Wei

Award Category: Leadership

The Manticore Society


Dan Jones

​aka - "Tinkerbots"

Award Category: Steampunk Fantasy Arts,

Special Makers Award


Andrew Connolly

​aka - Tungston Wolf

Award Category: Excellence in Costume Design and Development

Photo: Jerry Abuan


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