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is the galaxy's only bonded courier service operating throughout time and space... delivering sensitive documents, private communications and packets anywhere, anytime, in any dimension.


What and who is

"Starburner Galactic Courier Service"?

In reality, Starburner came about as the result of the need to publicly recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Steampunk community. Beginning in 2009, members of the steampunk community have been singled out at Comic Con in San Diego and presented with achievement medals (Starburner Award) from the House of Hutsell for contributions in areas ranging from leadership and events coordination to gadgetry, costuming, music and general support of the community. 


Starburner is a collection of unique individuals from all walks of life who enjoy the steampunk aesthetic and delight in experimenting with the steampunk aesthetic.  Starburner's roster is rich with crew members who are passionate about using their imagination and skills to create "what could or might have been" in the world of Steampunk, from time travel devices and weaponry to elaborate Victoriana costuming.  We cover all the bases and love to work with others who are just as passionate about steampunk as we are.


To commission work or collaberate on a project, please feel free to contact us.

Symbols of Starburner...


March of the Starburners - Unknown Artist
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Cornu-Chi with Pilot

Cornu-Chi debut at Gaslight Gathering 2019